Vinoth Ramachandra

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Why do men like President Assad of Syria cling on to power while knowing that they will soon only be ruling over rubble? Arrogance in politics is compounded of ignorance, willful blindness, and fan…

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    Vinoth Ramachandra

    Vinoth Ramachandra was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, where he also had his secondary schooling. He holds both bachelors and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the University of London. Instead of pursuing an academic career, he returned to Sri Lanka in 1980 and helped to develop a Christian university ministry in that country. In 1987 he was invited to serve as the South Asian Regional Secretary for the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES), a post he held until 2001.

    He currently serves on the IFES Senior Leadership Team as Secretary for Dialogue & Social Engagement. His multi-faceted ministry includes promoting the vision among students and professors of a holistic engagement with the university; giving public lectures and participating in dialogue events in universities; and helping Christian students and graduates think and respond as Christians to some of the social, cultural and political challenges they face in their national contexts throughout the world.

    Vinoth lives in Sri Lanka with his Danish wife, Karin, whom he married in 1998. She is a trained counselor and also a Bible teacher. They often travel and minster together at student and graduate conferences. Vinoth has also been involved for many years with the Civil Rights Movement in Sri Lanka, as well as with the global Micah Network and A Rocha (a world-wide biodiversity conservation organization). He is the author of several essays, articles and books including The Message of Mission (2003), Subverting Global Myths: Theology and the Public Issues that Shape Our World (2008) and Church and Mission in the New Asia (2009).

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